Murcian producers flag up Brexit fears

Producers and exporters urge Spanish government to act now to avoid disaster
Murcian producers flag up Brexit fears

Proexport is calling on the Spanish government to draw up a Brexit contingency plan to prepare fruit and vegetable producers for the fallout of the UK’s departure from the European Union.

“The loss of the UK market would be a catastrophe for the sector and we must anticipate the situation so that fresh produce exports from the Region of Murcia sustain the least possible damage,” said Proexport’s director, Fernando Gómez.

The current uncertainty about future of trade relations between the EU and the UK centres on the imposition of customs duties and customs controls, as well as the impact on the EU budget, especially the Community Agricultural Policy (CAP), in the medium and long term.

Representatives from Proexport held a meeting with Fepex and the agriculture ministry this week to discuss Brexit and other issues affecting the sector.

Top of the agenda was a request for the agriculture minister to support the creation of a National Water Pact to protect the interests of producers and ensure that they have access to sufficient water for irrigation.

The meeting also heard warnings for the government to heed the rise in exports of Moroccan fruits and vegetables to the EU, which were “disturbing the markets in many products” according to Proexport.