Bumper crop for BerryWorld growers

BerryWorld predict Sweet Eve variety to flourish after heatwave at the end of July saw record temperatures
Bumper crop for BerryWorld growers
Sweet Eve strawberries

Growers of BerryWorld’s exclusive Sweet Eve variety are estimating 20 per cent more strawberries than forecast following a week-long heatwave that saw Britain’s hottest-ever day recorded in Cambridge, at 38.7C.

As the UK enters the middle of the strawberry season, BerryWorld will sell a quarter of UK strawberries over the coming weeks, with the company predicting a huge 5000 tonnes of UK strawberries hitting the market in one week.

Head of sales and insight, Paul Avery, said: “Our growers are expected to pick an extra 20 per cent against the planned forecast of Sweet Eve strawberries over the next few weeks. This is mainly thanks to the glorious weather we have seen in the UK over July.”

“Recent sales figures reveal a robust and expanding soft fruit category that is meeting consumer demand. Berries used to be a luxury item, but in many households, they have become a delicious staple and are consumed as part of a healthy diet.

“The bumper crop will mean that supermarket shelves will be stacked with even bigger, better value packs of delicious strawberries over the coming weeks, ready for the whole family to enjoy during the summer holidays.”

BerryWorld was also celebrating Sweet Eve’s recent success in picking up a Superior Taste Award from the The International Taste Institution, an award chosen by a panel of over 200 jury members.

Launched in the late 2000s, the variety was bred by master breeder Peter Vinson from Edward Vinson Strawberry Breeding Programme, and crops from May until the end of October.