Chambers doubles international supply chain

The UK growers said they had grown their worldwide supplier network by 100 per cent in the past year

UK berry growers Chambers has doubled its international berry supply network in the past year to help bolster their year-round supply.

The company announced a “significant” new network of growers, representing a 100 per cent increase in the past 12 months, with new countries brought into the fold including Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Chambers also currently produce berries and stone fruit on 14 UK locations, with winter stock coming from collaborative growers around the world.

Commenting on the strengthened network of partner growers, managing director Tim Chambers said: “The extended network of growers means that we are well-placed to service the needs of the UK, as well as overseas market, with exports showing a 218% year on year increase.

“Our ability to ship out our product on the same day as it is picked (or in the case of product arriving from our partner growers, on the same day as arrival to the UK port) means that our produce enjoys a longer shelf life, represents lower food miles and fits with our customer’s desire to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Chambers specialises in raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, cherry and more recently blueberry production, and supplies many of the major retailers.